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Top 3 Benefits of Having Long Hair

More AttractiveThere are many people who believe that long hair is very attractive. Women with long hair tend to be more appealing to men than those who have shorter hair. The appeal of long hair is evident in mainstream magazines and advertisements. Many Hollywood actresses show off their long hair at award ceremonies and other televised events. Female celebrities such as singer Beyonce’ have taken advantage of hair extensions to create lengthy tresses. In fact, long hair has become a main representation of the image and appeal for many celebrities. These celebrities include the Cher, Diana Ross and the deceased Aaliyah. Some people are able to wear both long and short hairstyles. However, there are individuals who may be more attractive with long hair. Protective in the winterSome women use many items to protect themselves from the cold weather during winter season. Long hair can provide natural protection for the head and scalp. Most of the heat escapes the human body through a person’s head in the winter. People are always advised by health officials to wear hats when it is cold. Long hair can be used as another barrier between cold weather and your head. Conceals an unpleasing appearanceMany people can encounter unpleasant conditions on their face during their lifetime. These conditions could include blemishes, acne and bruises. Some individuals may have allergic reactions to certain moisturizers, medication or makeup. This can cause anyone to refrain from going outdoors and interacting with others. However, many people still have to work and perform other daily tasks that require them to leave their homes.

Women and men with long hair can conceal embarrassing blemishes or bruises. This is another great benefit of having long hair. Special hairstyles can be created to cover up many unsightly areas on the face. Long hair can be used as a temporary shield while men and women are trying to get rid of their blemishes. Those who may have undergone reconstructive surgery may utilize their long hair to prevent unwanted stares in public. This is also true for people who have received stitches on their face. Long hair can be a great way to hide the face until a deep cut has healed entirely. Many people have used long hair for masking purposes for years. Abused women usually wear long wigs to hide their identity. Criminals who are on the run from police and the FBI have also used wigs to conceal themselves as well.

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Faces Of 50 Year Old Women

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