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Gothic Haircuts Gallery

Gothic Haircuts Gallery

Gothic hairstyles - zimbio, If the employees at the local hot topic aren't inspiring hot gothic hairstyles, check out this zine for articles, pictures, and video of goth coiffure.. Pictures : short hairstyles - short gothic hairstyle, Pictures: short hairstyles - short gothic hairstyle; short gothic hairstyle. published on: 26 apr 2013 in short hairstyles. rating: gallery description:. 25 terrific gothic hairstyles - slodive, Gothic hairstyles are a great exercise in showing your mysterious side and playing up your dark elements. you can also get wild with vivid blue highlights in your hair..

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Gothic hairstyles -, Gothic hairstyles are an offshoot of punk hairstyles that are intended to appear romantic and mysterious. gothic hairstyles can be defined both by color (either. Gothic hairstyles | excellence hairstyles gallery, Gothic hairstyles - find out the newest fashion hairstyles and trends hair styles especially the topics related to gothic hairstyles just and only in excellence. Goth gallery style gallery - latest hairstyles, Goth gallery hairstyles, style gallery, a fabulous selection of the latest hairstyles provided by goth gallery..

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Hairstyles For Long Hair – Top 3 Celebrity Haircuts For Long Hair According to Face Shape Unveiled! :: Simple Reviews

Posted on September 25, 2015 in Long

Women with long hair are considered to be blessed as they can play with their tresses any way that they like. Hairstyles for long hair are increasing day by day and with new styles emerging every season, the looks of women are changing too. You can choose the best hairstyle according to your face type. You can tie them, keep them open, cut them short or do anything to look stylish and attractive.

Top 3 Celebrity Haircuts For Long Hair According To Face Shape Unveiled!

* Simple: It can look amazing if you just get a straight trim and leave them open. Open tresses look good when they are well maintained and are either curly or simply straight. Curly look suits round face cut and straight hair goes with all face types.

* Long and layered cut: In this type of haircut, you can get layers in the hair. This gives a lot of volume to the locks and is a definite style statement. As long curls need more care, carrying this hairstyle is tough. If you do it properly, you would not regret a second of getting it done.

* Bangs: As far as this Hairstyle is concerned, bangs look really cool on long hair. Side bangs are the most in thing nowadays as it gives a total chic look to you. Your tresses with bangs and layered cut can look ultra sexy.

In order to discover the most heartwarming haircuts for your face, you should preferably consult a hairdresser or undergo a hair makeover online. It is always advisable to know your face type before taking up any hairstyle.

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Best Haircuts for Long Faces :: Simple Reviews

Posted on October 5, 2015 in Long

If you have a long face and are looking for a new haircut, don’t go ahead till you have read this article. After reading this article, you will be well equipped with information on what suits you best and what an absolute no-no for your face shape is.

Here we list some tips and haircut suggestions you should carefully go through and follow before having your hair cut:

1. Keep in mind that you need to create width on the sides of your face to minimize the oblong look that you currently have. You need to choose hair cuts which add volume to the sides and stay away from those that create volume over the head making your face seem longer than it already is.

2. Bangs are the easiest way to achieve a balanced look for a long face. Long, side swept bangs will quickly and easily make your face look much less longer and add instant style quotient.

3. Get your hair cut to chin-length. This creates an illusion of width on your face. Chin-length bobs look smart and stylish and are a good option if you are not averse to having a short haircut.

4. Medium or long hair can be treated with curls or waves to add volume. Avoid curls in short layered hair as it will create volume on the top of your head instead of the on the sides and will not give you the desired look.

5. Layered hairstyles are a must if you intend to keep your hair in medium or long lengths. Straight long hair will make your face seem more oblong.

6. ‘U’ or ‘V’ shaped haircuts will help in giving width at the sides and hiding away all the length of the hair at the back.

7. In general, try to stay away from very short or very long hair and stay with medium and long-medium hair length.

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Hairstyles For Long Hair With Side Bangs – Top 3 Celebrities Long Hair Haircuts Revealed! :: Simple Reviews

Posted on September 22, 2015 in Long

A good hairstyle can easily transform your overall appearance. It can also make you feel good. Long tresses also provide you with excess stylish options. It is always advisable to consult a hairstylist before taking up any hairdo. Discovering your face shape is extremely important for flaunting an attractive hairstyle.

Top 3 Celebrities Long Hair Haircuts Revealed!

* The Sassy Shag: This is one of the most preferred hairdo for people with long hair with side bangs as it brings a well defined and fuller look to the face. It accentuates your features and also reduces the width of the fore head.

* The Cheeky Pixie: This hairstyle is the most happening hairstyle for long hair. With such a hip name, you can have an idea of how your outlook can change after getting it done. This hairdo is especially suitable for curly hair. This style highlights the cheek bones as well as the eye area. The side bangs reveals the fore head portion and is extremely helpful for slimming down your face.

* Cornrows: You may think what is so new about this hairstyle? It is old style but yet it is considered to be the most fashionable and accepted hair style among women. This hairdo can give you an ultra chic look and can change your appearance totally. The balance has to be maintained to make this hairstyle look the best among all other hairstyles for long hair with side bangs. Side bangs look cool and classy with people having round and oval face cut. If you have broad forehead then this hairdo is a must for you.

In order to find out the most gratifying hairdos for your look, you should preferably consult a hairstylist or perform a hair makeover online. It is always advisable to know your face shape before taking up any hairstyle.

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