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Short haircuts are in fashion because they are easy to handle and easy to style. There are many short haircuts suitable according to your face shape and hair type like short pixie haircuts, razor cuts, short layered haircuts, bob cuts and curly hairstyles. Short pixie haircuts are very short hairstyles and best for those women who are very bold to try very short hairstyles and who want some change in their older long hairstyles so they prefer short hairstyles.

                short pixie haircuts
Short haircuts 2013 are of many types like standard pixie haircuts, choppy cuts and shaggy cut. These haircuts are not for everyone and they can not make everyone appealing because they require time for styling but if you can give time to your hairstyle then these can certainly make you appealing and these hairstyles will produce stunning results. Standard pixie haircuts do not require time for styling but they need maintenance.

Choppy hairstyles have specialty of pointed ends so if ends are not made pointed then these hairstyles will be messy. In choppy hairstyles, ends of the hairs can be cut with razor so that ends can be made more pointed. Coloring of hairs is in fashion so you can get your hairs colored in blonde as blonde is in fashion this year. Many celebrity are carrying pixie hairstyles like Emma Watson so you can imagine the popularity of these hairstyles as your favorite celebrities are carrying them.

short pixie haircuts

There are many other short hairstyles 2013 which can make you attractive so you can try them but before making selection of any hairstyle, you must be very sure that your selected hairstyle is suitable for your face shape and hair type. Bob hairstyle is best for short hairs and this hairstyle is in fashion since after its inception so you can be worried by getting this hairstyle that your selected hairstyle will be soon out of fashion.

short pixie haircuts

There are many types of bob hairstyles like inverted bob hairstyles, asymmetrical bob hairstyles, classy bob hairstyles, sleek bob hairstyles and bob hairstyles with bangs. Inverted bob hairstyle is very stylish and in this hairstyle, hairs from the front are kept longer than at the back.

short pixie haircuts

Asymmetrical bob haircuts is similar to that of inverted bob hairstyle but there is slight difference that one side of hairs from the front is kept longer than the other side. Short hairstyle is mostly preferred because of the factor of ease attached with it.

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