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Messy Pixie Hairstyles

Messy Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie haircuts, This cute thick hair-texture pixie hairstyle is sassy and simple to style. the length in the back is cut to the nape and layered up to the crown.. How i style my pixie haircut (messy) - youtube, This is just how i style my pixie haircut. i prefer mine to look rather messy and almost effortless looking. i hope this helps!! twitter - brookiesworld. 15 trendy long pixie hairstyles | popular haircuts, Long pixie haircut looks superb modern and cool. it is best for people who do not have much time in styling their hair. messy long pixie haircuts for fine hair /via.

Short Messy Hairstyles for Sexy Look

Cute short blonde wispy textured pixie haircut, Cute short blonde wispy textured pixie haircut. this pixie haircut has tons of un-even texture razor-cut through-out the interior. the bang area is point-cut and. 35 impressive pixie hairstyles - slodive, Pixie fresh look. check out this honey warm pixie hairstyle in which the side parting brings out the beauty of the soft short layers. pixie fresh look. Cute medium pixie haircuts for women -, Cute medium pixie haircuts for women - pixie hair is a great choice for women willing to don a short do. but what if you wish it wasn't that short? then go for a.

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Do Men Prefer Long Hair on Women? – The Answer is Yes :: Simple Reviews

Posted on September 2, 2015 in Long

What length hair do men prefer?

The question has been asked, and they guys have answered. Here is what they have to say on whether they like long or short hair on a woman.

Recently a poll was done by researchers that concluded that men prefer women with long hair. This has been an age old question since the beginning of time. Do men prefer women with long hair, and why? Well we now have the answer to that question. Although this doesn’t reflect the opinion of every man, it represents the majority.

When you ask a man what length of hair he prefers on women, 9 times out of 10 he will say long. This question was asked on Yahoo Answers, and a few other sites on the web. And nearly all the men asked, responded yes, they prefer long hair on women. But also that it depended on the individual woman’s face shape and features. Not everything looks the good on everybody. Some women don’t look good in long hair, and some don’t look good in short.

In one poll done by the Daily Mail Reporter,researchers did a survey of 3,000 men, and 43% of the men polled preferred long hair. The celebrities that they thought were sexy: Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow and Rihanna. 80 percent of the men said they definitely notice if a woman changes her hair, while 18 percent said they rarely notice when a woman changes her hair. They also indicated that they like shiny, touchable hair without a lot of styling products. They like to run their fingers through it.

The results of a recent Poll:

Long and Wavy: 43% Long and straight: 13% Mid-length straight: 9% Mid-length wavy/curled: 3%

The second favorite styles:

Classic Bob: 10% Pixie Cropped: 7% Long Bob: 6%

Why do men prefer long hair on women?

All the men who answered yes to the question, said they prefer a woman to have long hair because it sexy.There’s just something about long flowing curly or wavy hair that they consider incredibly attractive. Like a reminiscence of the paintings of the Victorian era, women with long dresses and beautiful hair are very alluring. They equate long hair with being very feminine.

And guys love it when you use a certain type of shampoo, because on long hair it is more likely that they will be close enough to smell that scent. Some men like the smell of coconut, or other fruity scents in shampoo, or even ones that smell more like perfume. When your hair is down, they can nuzzle your neck and smell your hair at the same time. That’s harder to do with shorter hair.

Another reason men prefer long hair on women?

They like to touch it, feel it and play with it. And they like to pull it. Not like when we were in grade school and they pulled on our pigtails. But grown up play definitely includes a little hair tugging. Or grabbing a handful while pulling you in for a passionate kiss. Men love long hair on women, it’s just a fact!

And wearing your hair pulled up into a loose bun with a little hair out at the nape of the neck, is incredibly sexy. There are parts of a woman’s body that men love; namely the back of the neck,the top of the shoulders, the hollow of your throat, the small of your back and the swell of the breasts.They love it when your hair is down and covering these parts. Like a gift waiting to be unwrapped.

A woman’s hair is considered her “crowning glory” according to the bible. This is not to suggest that you shouldn’t wear your hair short, but meaning that this is a woman’s most alluring feature. Just as important as a pretty face,nice hair complements you as well. Whether it be long or short, you should wear it in a stylish and flattering manner. Some women have features that go along with short pixie styles, and other women look better with it long. It’s really a matter of what looks good on the individual. Always go with what looks good on you, not what any body else says you should do. Ultimately looking your very best should be what’s important anyway!

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