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Potongan Rambut Layer Pendek

Potongan Rambut Layer Pendek

Potongan rambut berdasarkan bentuk wajah dan postur tubuh, Admin post author may 21, 2010 at 10:48 pm. jenis rambut yang kaku dan lebat bisa menggunakan model potongan rambut pendek layer. usahakan tidak memilih model rambut. Potongan rambut yang sesuai untuk wanita gemuk, – bagi perempuan yang bertubuh besar (gemuk), memilih potongan rambut bisa jadi hal yang memusingkan. salah sedikit saja dalam memilih potongan. Model potongan gaya rambut bob nungging tren 2015 - youtube, Model potongan gaya rambut bob nungging tren 2015 model lainnya : model potongan gaya rambut bob nungging tren 2015 model potongan gaya.

Medium Length Layered Hairstyles

Gaya rambut buat wanita berwajah chubby -, Gaya rambut buat wanita berwajah chubby. untuk anda yang memiliki pipi chubby, sebaiknya menghindari potongan poni depan. poni yang sangat di sarankan untuk anda. 5 gaya rambut sesuai untuk wanita berwajah bulat |, Gambar: berbadan besar dan berwajah bulat adalah sesuatu yang wanita tidak sukakan. macam-macam dilakukan bersenam, berdiet, dan. Model rambut 2015, Model rambut pendek wanita trend tahun 2015 – seorang wanita tidak akan pernah bisa dilepaskan dari yang namanya model atau gaya potongan r.

Potongan Rambut Primadona Wanita
Spesifikasi Model Rambut Layer Panjang Lurus
Medium Length Layered Hairstyles
 model gaya rambut pendek yang sesuai dengan bentuk muka/wajah
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Potongan Rambut Layer Pendek
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How to Get More Body If You Have Long Hair :: Simple Reviews

Posted on September 9, 2015 in Long

I’ve had long hair for my whole life. Ever since I was a little girl, I had very long tresses, and I was always afraid to cut them off, as they had become a symbol of feminism of which I was reluctant to give up after all those years.

Long hair can be really gorgeous and quite the envy of all, but it can also be limp, lifeless and without shape and definition if you use the wrong products and get the wrong kind of haircut. Let’s talk about how you can get your long hair to have more body, volume, shape and definition, without lobbing off your treasured tresses.

First off, it’s extremely important to keep your hair healthy and in tip top shape when you are either growing it out or tend to like to keep it continuously long. It will quickly become prone to breakage, splitting and drying if you aren’t careful with how you treat it. It’s extremely important to get frequent trims if you want to keep it in tip top shape.

This doesn’t mean you have to get even a whole inch cut off every time. A good rule of thumb that I like to follow is to get it trimmed once every six to eight weeks. This can be a half an inch trim, or just a “tipping” where the stylist only cuts off the damaged tips of the bottom of the length of your hair.

This keeps it healthy, and you also get to keep your length without your hair looking dry, dull and lifeless since you are keeping the ends in great shape.

You may not be a fan of layers, but if you want to have body, and don’t like hair that just tends to “hang” at the sides of your face, then you will need to ask your stylist to cut in lots of long layers in the front and back of your head.

This is particularly helpful if you like volume and lift in the back of your head, since you’ll notice you can more easily pick the back hair up, making the front look more full.

It provides for a lot more movement as well, and you can really have some fun with using a large barreled curling iron on the layers, making them flip up our out for even more volume and a style with movement and shape.

Just be sure to tell your hair dresser that you still want to maintain your length in the back, you just want longer layers to create more flow and movement. Also, ask them for a recommendation of a root lifter. Root lifters are typically hair products that act almost as a hair spray for your roots.

Before blowing your hair dry, preferably with a higher end salon model ionic ceramic technology dryer, which dries your hair in less time, leaving it smoother and damaging it less, is when you use the root lifter.

You will split your hair into little sections, exposing the scalp area, and at each opening, you will spray the root lifter right onto your scalp.

I like to also use a conditioning spray or leave in conditioner to add extra smoothness and moisture to my hair, and you will definitely want to use some sort of styling cream as well. This is all personal preference as to what you’ve found works best on your hair though.

Blow dry your hair in sections, starting with the bottom first, using a clip to hold away the top portion of your hair as you blow dry the bottom part. Then, you will blow dry the top part near the crown as well. Your hair should be totally dry by the time you are done.

You can “set” your style by giving it an ice cold shot from your dryer with the cold set button. This helps to set more voluminous styles, and help hold them through humid conditions

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Long Hair With Side Bangs – How to Cut Bangs to the Side? :: Simple Reviews

Posted on September 29, 2015 in Long

Long hair with side bangs can easily transform your overall appearance. These hairdos not only accentuate your features but they also helps in softening your look. Most of the celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Jennifer Garner, Lauren Conrad and Nicole Richie are fond of these hairstyles. It is always advisable to know your face shape before taking up these styles for attaining your desired look.

There are varieties of cuts and styles associated with long hair with side fringe. Some of the most popular celebrity styles are as follows:

* Side Swept Bangs: You can enhance your appearance by keeping your fringe slightly asymmetrical, which can be easily pushed to the side of your fore head. This hairdo can also balance your facial features with flamboyance.

* Classic Bangs: This style is considered to be the most flattering hairdo for any face type. You can easily adjust the length of your tresses according to the face shape. Classic bangs look extremely youthful and fresh.

* Layered Bangs: You can easily create this hairdo by adding shorter layers on the top of the longer layers. It is advisable to use good quality hair products for maintaining your tresses.

How To Cut Bangs To The side?

Side bangs are touted to be the most desired hairdo. You can easily cut bangs to the side now from the comfort of home. It is always advisable to wash your tresses before cutting. You should grab a small section of your bangs and then start drying the roots with a blow dryer. Gradually, you can aim the dryer above. You should preferably use a flat brush for sweeping them off to the side.

In order to find out the most pleasing hairdo for your face, you should preferably seek advice from a hairdresser or undergo a hair makeover online. It is always worthwhile to know your face shape before taking up any hairstyle.

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Hairstyles For Long Hair – Top 3 Celebrity Haircuts For Long Hair According to Face Shape Unveiled! :: Simple Reviews

Posted on September 25, 2015 in Long

Women with long hair are considered to be blessed as they can play with their tresses any way that they like. Hairstyles for long hair are increasing day by day and with new styles emerging every season, the looks of women are changing too. You can choose the best hairstyle according to your face type. You can tie them, keep them open, cut them short or do anything to look stylish and attractive.

Top 3 Celebrity Haircuts For Long Hair According To Face Shape Unveiled!

* Simple: It can look amazing if you just get a straight trim and leave them open. Open tresses look good when they are well maintained and are either curly or simply straight. Curly look suits round face cut and straight hair goes with all face types.

* Long and layered cut: In this type of haircut, you can get layers in the hair. This gives a lot of volume to the locks and is a definite style statement. As long curls need more care, carrying this hairstyle is tough. If you do it properly, you would not regret a second of getting it done.

* Bangs: As far as this Hairstyle is concerned, bangs look really cool on long hair. Side bangs are the most in thing nowadays as it gives a total chic look to you. Your tresses with bangs and layered cut can look ultra sexy.

In order to discover the most heartwarming haircuts for your face, you should preferably consult a hairdresser or undergo a hair makeover online. It is always advisable to know your face type before taking up any hairstyle.

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Best Haircuts for Long Faces :: Simple Reviews

Posted on October 5, 2015 in Long

If you have a long face and are looking for a new haircut, don’t go ahead till you have read this article. After reading this article, you will be well equipped with information on what suits you best and what an absolute no-no for your face shape is.

Here we list some tips and haircut suggestions you should carefully go through and follow before having your hair cut:

1. Keep in mind that you need to create width on the sides of your face to minimize the oblong look that you currently have. You need to choose hair cuts which add volume to the sides and stay away from those that create volume over the head making your face seem longer than it already is.

2. Bangs are the easiest way to achieve a balanced look for a long face. Long, side swept bangs will quickly and easily make your face look much less longer and add instant style quotient.

3. Get your hair cut to chin-length. This creates an illusion of width on your face. Chin-length bobs look smart and stylish and are a good option if you are not averse to having a short haircut.

4. Medium or long hair can be treated with curls or waves to add volume. Avoid curls in short layered hair as it will create volume on the top of your head instead of the on the sides and will not give you the desired look.

5. Layered hairstyles are a must if you intend to keep your hair in medium or long lengths. Straight long hair will make your face seem more oblong.

6. ‘U’ or ‘V’ shaped haircuts will help in giving width at the sides and hiding away all the length of the hair at the back.

7. In general, try to stay away from very short or very long hair and stay with medium and long-medium hair length.

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Does Long Hair Shed More? I’ll Tell You :: Simple Reviews

Posted on September 24, 2015 in Long

I get a lot of emails asking me about variables that would make a person’s hair shed more.  One of the common variables that I’m often asked about is having long hair.  Some common comments are things like:  “I notice that my hair sheds more when it’s longer,” or “does the weight of long hair make for more shedding or fall out?;” or “if I cut my hair shorter, would it shed less?”  I’ll answer these questions in the following article.

Hair That Is In The Resting Phase Is Going To Fall Out Whether It’s Long Or Not:  When a strand of hair is going to fall out, it goes from the growing phase (in which it is actively being nourished and is deeply embedded into it’s follicle) to the resting phase (in which it is essentially dead hair waiting until it is pushed out or shed.)  This coming out usually just happens with time or with scalp manipulation like washing or styling.  I suppose that the weight of super long hair could cause it to come out earlier, but the truth is, it would’ve come out eventually no matter what.  There is really no benefit to preserving hair in the resting phase because it’s days are numbered anyway. The real benefit is finding out what is causing so many hairs to go into the resting phase and fixing that destructive process.

Long Hairs That Shed Are More Noticeable And Look Like Much More Loss:  If you took say 100 long shed hairs and 100 very short shed hairs and viewed them side by side, which pile is going to look like a more drastic loss? The longer hairs of course.  If the hair is very lengthy, the pile will look like maybe 3 – 4 times as much as the short pile, when in actuality the loss is the same.  Shedding longer hairs is going to be much more noticeable because these show very prominently on your clothes and floor and in the drain. Frankly very short hairs are easily able to go down the drain and aren’t nearly as noticeable on your clothing, so that you don’t see or count them.  This gives the perception that less is coming out when in fact that may not be an accurate perception at all.

Does Short Or Long Hair Camouflage The Shedding Better? Should I Cut My Hair?:  I get this question a lot and the answer really depends upon the texture of your hair and the pattern of the loss.  If your hair is too fine to maintain a layered or short cut or if the loss is patterned so that you would see scalp with a short cut, you may be better off leaving some length.  However, it’s not advisable to wear your hair so long that it looks stringy or sparse at the ends.  Most women do well with a modified blunt bob (which can be shorter or longer) and men and women both do well to add some waves, curls, or color to the hair to give the illusion that there is more of it.

But, these considerations are really just band aids and camouflage. It’s optimal to figure out why you are shedding and fix that.  Sometimes, in cases of TE (telogen effluvium or temporary loss) this is really just waiting it out.  But other times, there are issues of inflammation or androgens that must be addressed of fixed because these issues rarely go away on their own.  

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