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Warna Rambut Trand 2014

Warna Rambut Trand 2014

Outbrain - the most trusted content discovery platform, Outbrain is the world's largest and most trusted content discovery platform. discover what's next.. Racun warna-warni: review: mane 'n tail shampoo & conditioner, Rambut saya tuh tipenya lurus enggak, keriting juga enggak. ikal seksi atau mengombak manja juga enggak. kalau saya bilang sih ini tipe awut-awutan.. Racun warna-warni, Saya agak ragu nih, saat ini trend-nya masih fall make up nggak sih? atau udah masuk winter? tapi sutra lah ya, kita kan di indonesia. nggak ada fall, nggak ada winter..

Warna Rambut Pirang

5 model rambut sebahu wanita terbaru 2014, Model rambut sebahu - bagi setiap wanita, memiliki rambut yang indah dan sehat merupakan idaman bagi semua wanita tentunya. untuk wanita sendiri, dalam hal ini yaitu. 6 model rambut pendek wanita terbaru 2015 - youtube, 6 model rambut pendek wanita terbaru 2015 model rambut pendek wanita terbaik 2014 - 2015 model rambut wanita terbaru 2013-2014 berdasarkan bentuk wajah. Chekgu azrine and family: warna trend 2015, Aku berkenan jugak dengan warna scuba blue tuh ko perasan tak kaler2 untuk trend 2015 ni mostly warna macam pale sikit ala2 pastal colourkan?.

Trend Model Warna Cat Rambut Artis Terbaru 2014 ~ Seputar Dunia
Warna rambut harus yang paling berani seperti Atomic pink, biru
Warna Rambut Pirang
Rambut Warna Hitam
rambut bergelombang yang menjadikan ciri khas potongan rambut k style
Trend dan Model Rambut Terpopuler 2014 Untuk Remaja
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Warna Cat Rambut Trend 2014
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Warna Rambut Yang Trend 2014
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Model Warna Rambut Trend 2014
Warna Rambut Wanita Trend 2014
Warna Rambut Paling Trend 2014

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Hair Trends: Trendy Hairstyles For Men In 2015 :: Simple Reviews

Posted on October 2, 2015 in Long

While many men are not considered to be fashion enthusiasts, there are some that are. If you are a man and you are interested in knowing men hair trends for 2015, here they are:


This trend is aimed at helping you to have a masculine and sophisticated look. You need to moisturize and condition your freshly washed hair. To create the texture you need to use a hair product and then hold and control the hair using a matte finish.

You should avoid brushing or blow drying your hair in order to avoid creating volumes in areas that you don’t want. For a great look you should style your hair using your hands.

Shoulder-length hair

Many men have been having long hair over the past few months and this trend is expected to go on until 2015. According to hair stylists and grooming experts, men are able to maintain their hair in good condition for a long time since they don’t fiddle with it like women.

If you decide to go for long hair, you should ensure that you visit your barber regularly for regular trims. You should also keep the hair clean and regularly use a great conditioner.

City slicker

This style requires you to have a good hair cut. The sides and backs of the hair need to be shorter than the front. You can comb the hair or style it using your fingers. For a perfect look, you should wear a modern suit.

Top knot

This is where you tie your hair at the back. To achieve the style you only need to brush your hair at the back with your fingers and then tie it into a ponytail or top knot. While this style can suit almost everyone, it looks great on a rugged man with a beard.

Hair band

Since the 2014 world cup, many men have been spotted wearing hair bands. All you need to do is to hold your hair using a hair band. For ideal results, you should match the style with a granddad top and jeans.


These are some of the hairstyles for men that are expected to be popular in 2015. If you are a fashion enthusiast you now know the styles that you should go for. For ideal results, you should ensure that you get the style done by a professional. You should also ensure that you maintain the hair in good condition by applying all the necessary products.

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